ANGERSMASH is a strategic, set-collecting card game of bluff, sabotage & cunning. Balance your Anger and Zen to make the perfect hand. But remember, everyone is out to get you! Addictive fun for all the family.
2-5 players. Age 8+

120 beautifully horrible cards

Collect matching sets of Anger and Zen cards

But watch out as your opponents steal & destroy your cards with their Disruptors and BloodBoilers!

4 set of Anger, 4 set of Zen

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AngerSmash Rules


"We had a blast playing AngerSmash, and if you're into games like Unstable Unicorns or Munchkin, I highly recommend you to check this one out!"

Cambridge Gaming Collective

"It gets your blood pumping - never has the gap between winning and losing been so close."


"AngerSmash is one of those party games you want to play over and over again. Why? Because it's full of tension, plots, forming alliances and backstabbing intrigues."


"AngerSmash is a wonderful choice for any casual game night. With vividly unique art, this light weight party game will keep you on your toes with strategy and shenanigans."

Craig Smith, Zatu Games

"A light and easy to teach card game. It's also meaty enough for more seasoned gamers to enjoy."

Boardgaming Adventures

"Timing your winning move is critical in AngerSmash. Play that killer card too soon & you become the target. Too late and another player will pip you to the win leaving you fuming you didn't play sooner."